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2016 Awards

2016 has been a great and successful year. We have two new black belts, our youngest ever brown belt and we have members of our club who have become Irish, British and world champions. We finished the year with fun and games at our Christmas party which was followed by giving out some awards.

Kata Student of the Year

Lucy Ouldfield

Lucy has won many kata medals this year including a bronze medal at the world Championships. Kata student of the year is well deserved.

Kumite Student of the Year

Luca Lavery

Luca travelled to Italy to his first World Championship and won a bronze medal. He is also the current Irish kumite champion. Luca trained hard all year round and at the end of the year he achieved his brown belt. Well done Luca!

Most improved student of the Year

Jamie Peart

Jamie has improved a lot this year and deserves this award. She listens to every detail and is constantly improving. She achieved her senior purple belt and stood out with amazing technique.

Most Improved Technique and Skill

Louis Campbell

Louis achieved his brown belt this year at the age of nine years old. He is NIKA’s youngest brown belt. He achieved great success in events as well as in class. He even travelled with the team to his first international competition, the British open.

Junior Student of the Year

Josh Moore

Josh started back doing karate last year. Since then he has been training extremely hard and has competed in England and Ireland. He won a silver medal in the Irish championships. Josh put a lot of work in through out this year and regraded his purple belt in summer and then continued to work on his fitness and his syllabus for brown and achieved his brown belt. He has put in tremendous determination and hard work.

Student of the year

Effie Ellis-O’Neill

Effie is a massive part of the club. She achieved her Dan grade in July and is now an assistant coach. Effie won a bronze medal in the British Championship and a gold medal at the Karate England Open.